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Social Sciences

China's Femininity Makeover

china worker welder.jpg

In China, under the regime of Mao Tse-Tung, conventional forms of femininity were considered bourgeois, according to UO sociologist Eileen Otis. "Sex neutrality" was the rule in the factory and the field.

The Economics Go-To Guy

A man speaks to a crowdTim Duy is everywhere these days. Especially in print. Duy, a UO macroeconomist, is one of the top experts in the state for a blazing-hot topic: the recession.

Abraham Lincoln and the Complex, Convoluted Path to Emancipation

How did slavery actually end? According to UO historian Jim Mohr, the path to emancipation was complex and convoluted, with many proposals put forward before a definitive solution was achieved. Among them were schemes for recolonization -- sending slaves back to their ancestral lands -- and the possibility of offering slaveowners $400 in compensation per slave.

New World Order

A globeUnderstanding the nuances of different cultures -- whether across the globe or just around the corner -- is increasingly a prerequisite for informed citizenship in the 21st century.

Heeding the Wisdom of Wildfires

A wildfire burning a forestIf human activity is melting the arctic ice cap, how can it also be decreasing wildfires? Conventional wisdom suggests that as the earth warms and population rises, the number of wildfires should skyrocket.

Pregnancy and Cavity Rates

A man working with a human skull at a deskIt's safe to assume that pregnant women undergo significant hormonal changes during pregnancy, but one UO scientist believes those changes do much more than increase the expectant mothers' cravings for pickles and Cherry Garcia. 

Online Extras

Change Agent?

An audio icon Will Obama be a one-term president? Will Republicans wander in the wilderness?

Oregon Economic Index

A comment iconGet a direct link to this essential bellwether for today's economy.

Collider Questions

A video iconWorried about black holes? Or just curious how the Large Hadron Collider works?

Arts, Aesthetics and Audacity

A camera iconSee a slideshow of Jeff Koons sculptures at Versailles.

"Bearing the Body" Excerpt

A comment icon
Read the first chapter of the novel that won the 2008 Ken Kesey Award.

All Things Darwin

A video icon Watch Darwin talks, read an essay by the "Weird Science" professor.

Dr. Jekyll Meets His Match

A comment icon Read about a real-life "multiplex personality" in the Trauma Archives

Theater Student Tells All

A comment iconGet a student's perspective on the Robinson Theatre renovation.

Alumni Confidential

A comment icon Direct links to theater alumni featured in this issue of Cascade.