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Darwin Rocks the House

A portrait of man wearing a suit and vest

Charles Darwin and his famous work, On the Origin of Species, have been the subject of tributes and accolades from all around the world -- including a lecture series at the UO that has drawn crowds numbering in the hundreds.

Brain: Meet Your New Hand

A man holding up his arm

When David Savage was just 19, a machine press accident forced the amputation of his right hand. He wore a prosthesis for 35 years. Then, in December 2006, he became one of only a few dozen people in the world to receive a hand transplant, which came from a cadaver donor.

photo: Neuroscientist Scott Frey places his hand to show its mapping location to the brain.

Twice is Nice


A book entitled, "Bearing the Body"Master storyteller Ehud Havazelet earned his first Oregon Book Award in 1999, but the creative writing professor couldn't stop with just one. In 2008, Havazelet's first novel, Bearing the Body (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) took home the Ken Kesey Award for Fiction.


The New Northwest Review

The cover of the Northwest Review

Readers who love good writing will have their heads turned by an attractive new face this spring. Northwest Review, the UO's highly regarded literary journal, has undergone a complete redesign, and is emerging with a brand new look, new editors and new writers, hand-picked for their talent and craft.

Civil Rights Lectureship Funded

Civil rights.jpgThanks to a bequest from a generous donor, a new lectureship in civil rights and civil liberties will be launched at the UO next year.

Producer, Heal Thyself

The Great Wall of China

Last fall, Richard Suttmeier, a UO political scientist, said what few would dare: China, a major American supplier, can't avoid production scandals until its manufacturers undergo an ethical and institutional overhaul.

Online Extras

Change Agent?

An audio icon Will Obama be a one-term president? Will Republicans wander in the wilderness?

Oregon Economic Index

A comment iconGet a direct link to this essential bellwether for today's economy.

Collider Questions

A video iconWorried about black holes? Or just curious how the Large Hadron Collider works?

Arts, Aesthetics and Audacity

A camera iconSee a slideshow of Jeff Koons sculptures at Versailles.

"Bearing the Body" Excerpt

A comment icon
Read the first chapter of the novel that won the 2008 Ken Kesey Award.

All Things Darwin

A video icon Watch Darwin talks, read an essay by the "Weird Science" professor.

Dr. Jekyll Meets His Match

A comment icon Read about a real-life "multiplex personality" in the Trauma Archives

Theater Student Tells All

A comment iconGet a student's perspective on the Robinson Theatre renovation.

Alumni Confidential

A comment icon Direct links to theater alumni featured in this issue of Cascade.