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All Things Darwin

A video icon Watch Darwin talks, read an essay by the "Weird Science" professor.

The Darwin lecture series on campus has been a huge hit.

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Watch a VIDEO of "Darwin's Puzzles: The Evolution of Sex and Death" -- a lecture by UO biologist Patrick Phillips.

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Watch a VIDEO of "The Evolution of Cooperation and the Paradox of Altruism" -- a lecture by UO psychologist Warren Holmes.

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Get the SCHEDULE of upcoming lectures, sponsored by the Oregon Humanities Center, Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Institute of Molecular Biology, Institute of Neuroscience, Museum of Natural and Cultural History, Department of Biology, and the College of Arts and Sciences.

A comment icon READ AN ESSAY on Darwin's far-reaching influence on the sciences

by John Donovan, director of CAMCOR (Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon) Microanalytical Facility and a UO instructor in chemistry who teaches a freshman seminar called"Weird Science."  Donovan's essay originally appeared in the Eugene Register Guard.

Read the full Darwin story in Cascade.

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"Bearing the Body" Excerpt

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Read the first chapter of the novel that won the 2008 Ken Kesey Award.

All Things Darwin

A video icon Watch Darwin talks, read an essay by the "Weird Science" professor.

Dr. Jekyll Meets His Match

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