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Social Sciences

Are Women Safer When They Learn Self-Defense?

SelfDefenseCropped.jpgA UO sociologist finds that women who took a ten-week self-defense training were significantly less likely to experience unwanted sexual contact than those who didn't. 

Taking Students to 'The Wire'

MeehanCropped.jpgA geography professor uses a popular HBO series as an urban geography text.

Mock Cholera Outbreak Provides Online Mapping Lesson

twitter-icon.pngStudents use social media to discover the source of water contamination.

Political Science Celebrates 100 Years

PetersonCropped.jpgJune 2013 marks the centennial of the Department of Political Science at the UO.

Online Extras

Mail Bag: Readers Respond

MailBag.jpgThe "Paper or Plastic?" story in the Fall 2012 Cascade inspired several readers to write. 

Tiny Tour

TinyHouse3cropped.jpgTake a video tour of April Anson's 114-square-foot sustainably built home.

Germ of An Idea

Thumbnail image for JessGreen2013.jpg"You are your microbes" is the message from UO biologists in a TED Ed video and TEDx talk.

African Acoustics

DSC03444.jpgBiologist Janis Weeks and Marilyn Mohr of the UO Libraries play an African instrument called the mbira.

Geological Splendor

GeologyCropped.jpgA geologist shares some of her favorite photos of Oregon's geological wonders —and destinations beyond.

DUKTalks Videos

DUKTalks.jpgCheck out the College of Arts and Sciences variation on the TED Talks theme.