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Breaking the Code--In More Ways Than One

TuringCropped.jpgIt’s not every day that a computer science professor approaches the theater arts department with a proposal for a play. But that’s exactly what happened last year when Gene Luks asked if the theater department might consider a production of Breaking the Code, a play about mathematician Alan Turing (left).

But Seriously . . . The Study of Sitcoms

QuinnMiller 2.jpgQuinn Miller (left) engages students in interpreting sitcoms as cultural commentary: what can they tell us about class tensions, gender roles, sexual norms, racial stereotypes and other provocative topics?

Stoking the Fires: Native American Literature

BrownKirby.jpgA Texas native, citizen of the Cherokee Nation and literature professor will be a core faculty member of the new Native American Studies minor.

There Once Was a Student Who Lived in a Very Tiny House

Thumbnail image for TinyHouse.cropped.jpgWhat do literature and architecture have in common? April Anson’s “tiny house.”

AEI Serves International Enrollment Growth

Thumbnail image for Globe (21955486).jpgInternational student enrollment has grown by 114 percent since 2007; many of these students get help from the American English Institute. 

Online Extras

Mail Bag: Readers Respond

MailBag.jpgThe "Paper or Plastic?" story in the Fall 2012 Cascade inspired several readers to write. 

Tiny Tour

TinyHouse3cropped.jpgTake a video tour of April Anson's 114-square-foot sustainably built home.

Germ of An Idea

Thumbnail image for JessGreen2013.jpg"You are your microbes" is the message from UO biologists in a TED Ed video and TEDx talk.

African Acoustics

DSC03444.jpgBiologist Janis Weeks and Marilyn Mohr of the UO Libraries play an African instrument called the mbira.

Geological Splendor

GeologyCropped.jpgA geologist shares some of her favorite photos of Oregon's geological wonders —and destinations beyond.

DUKTalks Videos

DUKTalks.jpgCheck out the College of Arts and Sciences variation on the TED Talks theme.