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Obama's Promise Meets Reality

President Obama and other presidents in a photo collage

Can Barack Obama be the change agent he has promised to be? Where is he most likely to succeed? Which of his many far-reaching goals will he not be able to deliver upon?

Cascade magazine brought together five faculty from the Department of Political Science to weigh the perils and possibilities ...

An audio iconListen to the Obama roundtable online

When Particles Collide

The Large Hadron Collider

UO physicists are an integral part of an international team seeking answers to the biggest questions in science.

Why Spanish is Not a Foreign Language

Professor Leonardo García-Pabón explains how Spanish language instruction at the UO is adapting to the growing numbers of "heritage" speakers of the language.

Sidebar: Oregon's Demographic Transformation: By the Numbers

Dean's Page

A man in a suit and tieIn an economic crisis, wouldn't a "practical" degree in one of the professions be more useful than a liberal arts education? In fact, it's not an either/or choice. Virtually every profession is undergoing transformative change, making the fundamentals of liberal arts education more essential than ever.

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Darwin at 200, the new Northwest Review, a brain-hand neuroscience discovery and more... 

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Chemistry students go global, trauma archives go online, physiology goes virtual and more...

Social Sciences

China's femininity makeover, Tim Duy in the news, the wisdom of wildfires and more...


Geology and literature convergethe mysteries of Islam, kitsch vs. extravagance and more...

CAS Alumni

Profiles of 11 alumni who studied theater at UO, in celebration of Theatre Arts' 100th anniversary.

Giving to CAS

Been back to campus lately? Our tour guides can personalize a campus visit for you, based on your special interests.

Plus: Campaign Oregon brings in $160 million for CAS.

Online Extras

Change Agent?

An audio icon Will Obama be a one-term president? Will Republicans wander in the wilderness?

Oregon Economic Index

A comment iconGet a direct link to this essential bellwether for today's economy.

Collider Questions

A video iconWorried about black holes? Or just curious how the Large Hadron Collider works?

Arts, Aesthetics and Audacity

A camera iconSee a slideshow of Jeff Koons sculptures at Versailles.

"Bearing the Body" Excerpt

A comment icon
Read the first chapter of the novel that won the 2008 Ken Kesey Award.

All Things Darwin

A video icon Watch Darwin talks, read an essay by the "Weird Science" professor.

Dr. Jekyll Meets His Match

A comment icon Read about a real-life "multiplex personality" in the Trauma Archives

Theater Student Tells All

A comment iconGet a student's perspective on the Robinson Theatre renovation.

Alumni Confidential

A comment icon Direct links to theater alumni featured in this issue of Cascade.