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Social Sciences

A Diet To Help Us Fit Into Those Genes

Breakfast cerealsEach of Darwin’s finch species had a bill adapted to its diet, with short and long beaks allowing different finches to eat different parts of the prickly pear. But what if the crew of Darwin’s ship, the Beagle, had introduced the birds to a nonnative diet like, say, CornNuts?

Christianity's Rise From Communism's Ashes

A Russian stampDuring the Communist era in Russia and China, religion was quite literally swept from public life. What fascinates Karrie Koesel is just how quickly religion has resurfaced in the past two decades—even faiths such as Pentecostal Christianity that had only a small prerevolutionary presence in both countries.

Gender's No Man's Land

A book entitled "Bodies in Doubt"After her superlative performance in the 2009 World Championships, South African sprinter Caster Semenya was forced to undergo gender testing when competitors expressed doubt she was actually a woman. Semenya was exonerated, but the case had a familiar, accusatory tone, says Elizabeth Reis, professor of women’s and gender studies. “There was a theme there of deception and fraud,” she said.

Tea Party Aligns with Oregon's Anti-Tax Landscape

A Tea Party rallyThe Tea Party began as a fractious, anti-government grassroots movement, as reviled by pundits on the left as it was revered by certain commentators on the right.

What A Real Healthcare Overhaul Would Look Like

A stethescopeThe 2,500-page healthcare reform bill has been the subject of great debate since the president signed it into law last March. But while it represents a vast overhaul of the medical insurance system, it does not grapple with fundamental problems of healthcare costs that date back more than a century, according to James Mohr, UO professor of history.

Revisiting Welfare Reform

A womanLynn Fujiwara has made it her mission to critique the long-term outcomes of 1990s welfare reform.

Online Extras

Troops and Their Music

ipod-icon.pnglt's not all head-banger heavy metal on soldiers' play lists. Some prefer balladeers or even anti-war anthems from decades past.

The Irrational Economist

stockmarket.jpgLearn how our psychological reaction to genocide (or lack thereof) relates to the stock market crash.

A Telling Performance

LemuelCropped.jpgWatch the special D.C. performance of Telling where the cast, director and co-authors were greeted by Michelle Obama.

Many Dimensions of Green

SNNI_lowrescropped.jpgLearn how experts across disciplines are together advancing green chemistry.