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Joy Ride -- An English Professor Explores Why We Love Our Cars

A man and a woman driving down a roadSince childhood,  Gordon Sayre has been a car fanatic, a devotion that later in life has manifested itself as a rusty 1962 Volvo V1800 occupying his garage.

Active Listening

Soldiers listening to musicVisions of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, getting pumped up for combat by listening to heavy metal and “gangsta” rap, have become pervasive in the media. Yet “the troops” isn’t a homogeneous group, always in preparation to Rage Against the Machine.

Telling: The Movie

A man performing on stageTelling: Eugene—a moving, honest, heart-wrenching play based on veterans’ stories and performed by veterans—will now make its film debut, as a documentary. The documentary will explore the making of Telling and how it came together on the UO campus.

UO student Lemuel Charley, a member of the original Telling: Eugene cast, tells his story at a special performance in Washington, D.C.

Cinema Studies: The Perfect Storm

A man using a videocameraWe float about with our camcorders at Christmas family gatherings. We watch the evening news. We click on videos accompanying online stories. We love YouTube.

UO Film Festival Debuts

A logo for "Cinema Pacific"This past May the UO launched Cinema Pacific, an annual film festival that each year will feature films from Pacific Rim nations during the five-day event.

Let's Take This Show On The Road

Students acting on stageThe University Theatre ended its season last spring on a stellar note, with sold-out performances of Annelie in the Depths of the Night. And now the Annelie company has taken the show on the road, with performances for rural schools.

Preserving Our Folk Culture Legacy

A basket with figures woven into the designNative American artwork, traditional Latino dance, stories from Oregon loggers and fishermen—this is just some of the stuff from which folklife is made.

Online Extras

Troops and Their Music

ipod-icon.pnglt's not all head-banger heavy metal on soldiers' play lists. Some prefer balladeers or even anti-war anthems from decades past.

The Irrational Economist

stockmarket.jpgLearn how our psychological reaction to genocide (or lack thereof) relates to the stock market crash.

A Telling Performance

LemuelCropped.jpgWatch the special D.C. performance of Telling where the cast, director and co-authors were greeted by Michelle Obama.

Many Dimensions of Green

SNNI_lowrescropped.jpgLearn how experts across disciplines are together advancing green chemistry.