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Toward A More Perfect Chemistry


A young woman pours liquid from a beaker to a test tubeOnce dismissed as “hippie chem,” the rise of green chemistry at the UO has been a prime catalyst in a global movement toward environmentally conscious methods and results.

Smaller, Stronger, Safer?

A blue-lit hallwayNanotechnology promises a dazzling array of breakthroughs in numerous fields, but is it safe? UO chemistry prof Jim Hutchison says, "This is a chance to get it right from the beginning."

Getting Back to Our Latino Roots

A girl and her parents outside their houseAn anthropologist and journalist explore Oregon’s historic links to Latin America and the human dimensions of the state’s Latino population.

Q&A: Food, Justice and the Power of Narrative

A henAs activists seek a sustainable and socially just model for food production and consumption, an English professor looks to literature for insight.

Dean's Page

A man in suit and tieThe term “interdisciplinarity” might seem like trendy jargon at other campuses, but it is part of our tradition at Oregon.

About Cascade

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Natural Sciences

A computer model of a person's body, spinal cord and brain Masters of disguise, eye-catching art, DNA splicing and more...

Social Sciences

Cereal boxes on store shelfJunk food in Siberia, the Tea Party in Oregon and more...


A man and a woman drive down a roadCinema studies, Oregon folklife, America’s love affair with cars and more...

CAS Alumni

We profile five CAS alumni, seeking an answer to the perennial question: What can you do with a degree in the humanities?

Online Extras

Troops and Their Music

A iPod iconlt's not all head-banger heavy metal on soldiers' play lists. Some prefer balladeers or even anti-war anthems from decades past.

The Irrational Economist

The US stock market exchangeLearn how our psychological reaction to genocide (or lack thereof) relates to the stock market crash.

A Telling Performance

A man performing on stageWatch the special D.C. performance of Telling where the cast, director and co-authors were greeted by Michelle Obama.

Many Dimensions of Green

A computer design with green circlesLearn how experts across disciplines are together advancing green chemistry.