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The Perpendicular

A comment iconFind out why Mark Thoma's economics blog is a must-read.

"Anybody who builds anything knows that trueing things up – making them level, square, concentric, or, in this case, fair and balanced – is a crucial step along the way. Nobody does a better job of digesting online economic commentary than [Thoma] does."

So says David Warsh of, in an analysis of why an economics professor so far (geographically) from the centers of financial power has captured the notice of the Wall Street Journal and been an invited guest at elite conferences sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation and Milken Institute.

"How did Thoma achieve a position of influence three times zones and a world away from the financial and political capitals back East?" Warsh wonders. It's Thoma's unique perspective, Warsh concludes:

"Thoma is an economic blogger of an unusual sort – a mostly disinterested editor and re-publisher of a selection of items from the daily torrent of informed opinion available on the Web...  But Thoma stands at a right angle to the plane of mainstream debate, selecting and presenting the various arguments fully and fairly.

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The Perpendicular

A comment iconFind out why Mark Thoma's economics blog is a must-read.

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