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Dress for Success

A drawing of a fashionably dressed woman

Sandy Bonds is making the past come alive with a course called “Reinventing Yourself: Creating Your Past Alter Ego.”

Arabic Tops 200

Arabic text

Enrollment in Arabic language classes topped 200 students last year, and is expected to surge past that figure this fall.

Talking Trash

Drawn figures dancing, jesting and acting

William Shakespeare was the ultimate trash-talker of his era, with treasured bon mots such as “Thou crusty botch of nature!” But the Bard may have taken a cue from some of his predecessors, as evidenced by the catalog of insults on the Medieval Studies web site.

Food of the Gods

A Greek amphora depicting people picking olives

The syllabus for professor Mary Jaeger’s Greco-Roman class reads a little like an ancient shopping list. She requests that students provide certain supplies: a bowl, spoon, knife and a few basic ingredients including fl our, water and salt. Students should be ready to learn about milk and honey one day and the Mediterranean triad of cereals, olives and wine the next.

The Healing Art of Fiction

A drawing of a silver unicorn

Dorothee Ostmeier was never simply a traditional German professor. Her research interests have regularly expanded to include poetry and gender, fairy tales, fantasy literature and psychology. Since coming to the UO in 2001, she’s further expanded her research into alternative philosophies of healing.

All Saints Day(s)

A page from a medieval calendar of saints

So many saints, so little time to figure out who’s who. Linguistics professor Cynthia Vakareliyska has spent the past year developing an online database of medieval calendars of saints from the Eastern Orthodox Church.  (Right: A page from a medieval calendar of saints.)

Judaic Studies Scholar Named Associate Dean of Humanities

Judith Baskin, Knight Professor of Humanities, has been named Associate Dean of Humanities for the UO College of Arts and Sciences. Professor Baskin has been a member of the UO faculty since fall 2000 and has served as director of the Harold Schnitzer Family Program in Judaic Studies since her arrival on campus. From 2005 - 2008, she also served as head of the Department of Religious Studies.

Online Extras

Gödel, Escher, Bach

A comment iconRead about a UO alum's provocative book, plus his further explorations into cognition.

The Perpendicular

A comment iconFind out why Mark Thoma's economics blog is a must-read.

Humanists Stake Their Claim

An audio icon Read the Q&A from our lively humanities roundtable and/or listen to the entire discussion.

Post Your Klonoski Tribute

A comment iconAdd your own remembrance and learn about the reinstated dollar check-off (a Klonoski point of pride).

A Pakistan Primer

A comment iconThe last two years have been turbulent, even by Pakistan's standards. 

McNeely's Talk at Google

A video icon Watch Ian McNeely's talk at Google, Inc. and read a chapter from his book, Reinventing Knowledge.

Math Does Windows

A camera iconCheck out the dazzling "math windows" in Deady Hall.

Fairy Tales for Modern Times

A comment icon A while back, in a city that shall remain nameless, lived a media mogul, his trophy wife, and their daughter...

Visitors from Malawi, Kenya and Nepal

A video iconWatch video interviews with engineers who came to the UO for a computer networking workshop.