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Now Entering the Blogosphere

Mark Thoma, an economist, and Stephen Hsu, a physicist, are taking two very different approaches in establishing themselves as renowned bloggers.

Black Is the New Gray

A man's face made of three different pictures

When is a black person perceived as white? It may all depend on social status, says a UO researcher. New evidence suggests that racial identity is far from fixed, and that we classify people based on much more than their skin tone.

Don't Try This at Home

High-Tech Voltage-Regulated AC Kosher Dill Transmogrifier

Pickle electrocution. Shooting laser lights through Jell-O. Nuking marshmallows to calculate the speed of light. What could be more fun than thinking up experiments that demonstrate scientific principles for middleschool girls?

photo: “High-Tech Voltage-Regulated AC Kosher Dill Transmogrifier" designed by Randy Sullivan of the chemistry department.

The Art (and Study) of the Superhero

A logo that says "Faster than a speeding bullet. The art of the superhero."

Ben Saunders knows a lot about superheroes. And now he’s putting that knowledge into crime-stopping action (well, maybe not the crime-stopping part).

Lessons from the Streets of Belfast

Murals of "The Troubles"

From half a world away, geography professor Shaul Cohen is making a direct connection with Northern Ireland, giving his students insight into the country’s peace-building efforts while providing rare opportunities for dialogue and exchange across the Atlantic.

Murals commemorating "The Troubles" are a common sight in Belfast.  

Celebrating the "Year of the Book"

An open book, and the words "Year of the Book"

What is the future of the book? How have we arrived at this moment today, with electronic media transforming what it means to publish and read a book?


A stock market numbers chart with a rising arrow

The Obama administration came into office facing a financial market in shambles and an economy in crisis — a situation that required quick and decisive initiatives on fiscal stimulus and banking policy. What has been the impact of those programs thus far, for the nation and for Oregon?

Online Extras

Gödel, Escher, Bach

A comment iconRead about a UO alum's provocative book, plus his further explorations into cognition.

The Perpendicular

A comment iconFind out why Mark Thoma's economics blog is a must-read.

Humanists Stake Their Claim

An audio icon Read the Q&A from our lively humanities roundtable and/or listen to the entire discussion.

Post Your Klonoski Tribute

A comment iconAdd your own remembrance and learn about the reinstated dollar check-off (a Klonoski point of pride).

A Pakistan Primer

A comment iconThe last two years have been turbulent, even by Pakistan's standards. 

McNeely's Talk at Google

A video icon Watch Ian McNeely's talk at Google, Inc. and read a chapter from his book, Reinventing Knowledge.

Math Does Windows

A camera iconCheck out the dazzling "math windows" in Deady Hall.

Fairy Tales for Modern Times

A comment icon A while back, in a city that shall remain nameless, lived a media mogul, his trophy wife, and their daughter...

Visitors from Malawi, Kenya and Nepal

A video iconWatch video interviews with engineers who came to the UO for a computer networking workshop.