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Your Tour Guides to CAS

A woman in front of treesAsk an economist about the economy. Or a sociologist about society. Maybe you'd like to see the renowned InfoGraphics Lab? We're ready to connect you with faculty and facilities from any of the 14 departments and programs in Social Sciences. Contact Kat Walsch at (541) 346-0607 or A woman in front of a building

How long has it been since you've been back to campus? The Development Office invites all alumni back to campus for an individualized tour. Care to have coffee with a philosopher? Or a backstage tour of the renovated Robinson Theatre? Whether your interest is in Classics, Folklore, Linguistics, or any of the 16 departments and programs in Humanities, we can introduce you to faculty and tailor a tour just for you. Contact Katrina McGee at (541) 346-3903 or

A woman near a window

Go underground -- visit the nanotechnology lab. This is just one of dozens of UO science facilities you can personally tour. Here's your opportunity to meet with research scientists from the nine departments in the Natural Sciences to learn about their latest work. Contact Sarah Cheesman, (541) 346-0044 or

Campaign Oregon Brings in $160 Million for CAS

The UO's highly successful seven year Campaign Oregon, which ended December 31, 2008, has enormously benefited the College of Arts and Sciences. Overall, the campaign brought in more than $850 million for the university.


More than $160 million of the campaign total has benefited the College of Arts and Sciences -- or more than double the original CAS campaign goal of $75 million. The pie chart shows how the dollars have been allocated.


Online Extras

Gödel, Escher, Bach

A comment iconRead about a UO alum's provocative book, plus his further explorations into cognition.

The Perpendicular

A comment iconFind out why Mark Thoma's economics blog is a must-read.

Humanists Stake Their Claim

An audio icon Read the Q&A from our lively humanities roundtable and/or listen to the entire discussion.

Post Your Klonoski Tribute

A comment iconAdd your own remembrance and learn about the reinstated dollar check-off (a Klonoski point of pride).

A Pakistan Primer

A comment iconThe last two years have been turbulent, even by Pakistan's standards. 

McNeely's Talk at Google

A video icon Watch Ian McNeely's talk at Google, Inc. and read a chapter from his book, Reinventing Knowledge.

Math Does Windows

A camera iconCheck out the dazzling "math windows" in Deady Hall.

Fairy Tales for Modern Times

A comment icon A while back, in a city that shall remain nameless, lived a media mogul, his trophy wife, and their daughter...

Visitors from Malawi, Kenya and Nepal

A video iconWatch video interviews with engineers who came to the UO for a computer networking workshop.