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Celebrating the "Year of the Book"

An open book, and the words "Year of the Book"

What is the future of the book? How have we arrived at this moment today, with electronic media transforming what it means to publish and read a book?

To explore these issues in depth, the Oregon Humanities Center is celebrating “The Year of the Book,” beginning this fall. In partnership with other units on campus, the OHC will offer a series of public events that deal with the past, present and future of the book, as well as other technologies we use to store information and images.

The series will begin with a public lecture in November by Robert Darton, eminent historian of the book, an expert on electronic publishing and director of the Harvard University Library. In winter, the UO Library will host University of Michigan Dean of Libraries Paul Courant, and in spring, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art will host an exhibit of artist books (works of art realized in "book" form). The Department of Theatre Arts, meanwhile, will offer a season of productions all based on books.

Watch for a full calendar of events at the OHC web site:

-- Lisa Raleigh

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