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Social Sciences

Power Up! Renewable Energy Fills a Gap in the Grid

Students celebrate near solar panel gridsAn environmental studies graduate student has designed a project that builds on his engineering skills, his Indian heritage and his passion for social and environmental change.

What Monkeys Can Tell Us That Humans Can't

A monkey fossilUO paleontologist Stephen Frost has an unusual skill: if handed a monkey skull from an archaeological dig, he can name the species.

First Atlas of a National Park

A buffalo

The UO and Yellowstone National Park have announced the release of the Atlas of Yellowstone—a colorful and data-rich hardback volume that captures the exceptional story of the greater Yellowstone area.

Capturing the McKenzie: Recognizing What We Have

A river and bank with treesSeveral students participated in a special field class devoted to capturing the beauty and fragility of the McKenzie River through storytelling.

The Great Social Experiment of the European Union

The UO’s European studies program, an interdisciplinary curriculum designed to explore the complex dimensions of the United States’ oldest and most significant global alliance.

New Age Nirvana, Revisited

A woman seated in a meditation poseIn a new book, a UO sociologist explores the influence of the Esalen Institute on the growth of spiritual practices in America.

Online Extras

Eyes on the Prize

A man in a laboratory

As Cris Niell can tell you, there’s more to recognizing a face than meets the eye. A lot more.

Mathematical Marvels

A colored circle that makes up part of the floor design

The remodel of Fenton Hall incorporates design elements that illustrate the beauty of math.

His McKenzie

A man holding a caught fish outdoors

Rick Gurule is one of several students who've documented the fragility of the McKenzie watershed.

An Independent Board?

The outside of a building

Keep apprised of the progress toward establishing an independent board for the UO.

Football Wins = Decline in Male Grades

AA football study by UO economists, released just before the Rose Bowl, has been picked up by the media far and wide.

Digging It

A woman with a shovel in a deep hole

Doctoral candidates Daniele McKay and Leslie McLees dig deep for answers to their research questions.