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The Serious Business of Comics and Cartoons

A professor wearing a cape and reading a book in a superhero pose

Good news for students and scholars who take their comics seriously: Ben Saunders (left), associate professor of English, has championed the launch of a new minor in comic and cartoon studies.

Sagas and Legends and All Things Medieval

An image of a bent man with a cane

Gantt Gurley was surprised when his informal Old Norse reading group drew fifteen students. After all, learning Old Norse isn’t exactly a practical pursuit, given that it hasn’t been spoken since 1500.

'Tis (Not) the Winter of Our Discontent

Man wearing crown and king's clothes in theater hallLast October, twenty- five UO freshmen piled into vans and headed south to Ashland for a weekend of events.

K-Pop, J-Pop Offer Plenty to Ponder

An animated drawing of characters

A diverse array of East Asian popular media has been flooding the global marketplace in recent decades, and UO faculty are examining this form of "literature" from multiple perspectives.

A Graduate Student Asks: What if Someone Had Been Kinder?

A heart in the middle of a red-painted handA doctoral student receives a prestigious fellowship to pursue the study of kindness -- a topic with very personal meaning.

The Personal, Political and Philosophical

Philosophy professor Alejandro Vallega pursues a line of scholarly inquiry that reflects his experience as a youth in Chile and Argentina.

Online Extras

Eyes on the Prize

A man in a laboratory

As Cris Niell can tell you, there’s more to recognizing a face than meets the eye. A lot more.

Mathematical Marvels

A colored circle that makes up part of the floor design

The remodel of Fenton Hall incorporates design elements that illustrate the beauty of math.

His McKenzie

A man holding a caught fish outdoors

Rick Gurule is one of several students who've documented the fragility of the McKenzie watershed.

An Independent Board?

The outside of a building

Keep apprised of the progress toward establishing an independent board for the UO.

Football Wins = Decline in Male Grades

AA football study by UO economists, released just before the Rose Bowl, has been picked up by the media far and wide.

Digging It

A woman with a shovel in a deep hole

Doctoral candidates Daniele McKay and Leslie McLees dig deep for answers to their research questions.