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Generation Green

People wearing warm clothes and hard hats stand in the forest

With projects ranging from glacier research to pond turtle conservation to an exploratory climb into an old-forest canopy, ELP students prepare to carry UO's legacy of environmental leadership into the future.

The Life of the Mind in Troubled Times

A painting of a  woman, angels and a bull

What is the value of the humanities in a precarious economy? Cascade convened a panel of humanities faculty to discuss.

Sidebar: Read UO President Richard Lariviere's comments on "The 'Demise' of Sanskrit and the So-Called Crisis in the Crisis in the Humanities."

Pakistan in Crisis

The flag of the Pakistan People's Party

Anita Weiss warns that instability in Pakistan creates a huge opening for extremism in the region and puts the country’s political future — as well as its nuclear arsenal — at risk.

Dean's Page

A man in a suit and tieThanks, ironically, to the economic downturn, it’s been an extraordinary year for faculty recruitment for the College of Arts and Sciences. .

About Cascade


A stock market chart with a rising arrow

Black is the new gray,  now entering the blogosphere, reconciliation after “The Troubles”  and more… 

Natural Sciences

A stained glass windowSpinal control and cerebral palsy, the beauty of math,  collaborative climate change initiative  and more...

Social Sciences

A painting of Aztec warriors

African Studies, surprising inequities wrought by Katrina, Latin American explorations, and more...


Arabic text

Arabic tops 200, medieval insults, the healing art of fiction and more...

CAS Alumni

A man in a suit and tieA memorial tribute to legendary political science professor Jim Klonoski, with remembrances by several prominent alumni.

Online Extras

Gödel, Escher, Bach

A comment iconRead about a UO alum's provocative book, plus his further explorations into cognition.

The Perpendicular

A comment iconFind out why Mark Thoma's economics blog is a must-read.

Humanists Stake Their Claim

An audio icon Read the Q&A from our lively humanities roundtable and/or listen to the entire discussion.

Post Your Klonoski Tribute

A comment iconAdd your own remembrance and learn about the reinstated dollar check-off (a Klonoski point of pride).

A Pakistan Primer

A comment iconThe last two years have been turbulent, even by Pakistan's standards. 

McNeely's Talk at Google

A video icon Watch Ian McNeely's talk at Google, Inc. and read a chapter from his book, Reinventing Knowledge.

Math Does Windows

A camera iconCheck out the dazzling "math windows" in Deady Hall.

Fairy Tales for Modern Times

A comment icon A while back, in a city that shall remain nameless, lived a media mogul, his trophy wife, and their daughter...

Visitors from Malawi, Kenya and Nepal

A video iconWatch video interviews with engineers who came to the UO for a computer networking workshop.