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Social Sciences

New Book Aims to 'De-exoticize' An Ethnic Minority

A man playing an instrument with a bear on a leash nearby

Roma, Europe’s largest ethnic minority, have long been revered internationally for their folk music—but reviled as an “inferior” subculture.

South Asia on the Rise

A map of India

South Asia is home to nearly one and a half billion people and is one of the world’s most important geopolitical areas. But the region is little understood by many in the West.

Medical Marijuana-- Menace to Teens?

A marijuana plant

Marijuana use by tenth and twelfth graders has risen over the past several years, with roughly one in fifteen high school seniors smoking marijuana daily or near daily, according to a 2011 report from the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research.

Liquid Natural Gas--Boon or Bust?

A ship on the water

More than 5,000 miles separate Coos Bay, Oregon, and the country of Bolivia. But they are both sites of intense conflict over liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects.

Business Leaders Get the Inside Track

An image that says, "Oregon economic forum."With the 2012 presidential election in full swing, the U.S. economy is front and center among the issues. This much is certain: Whoever wins will be pressured to make big decisions about economic policy—and fast.

Online Extras

Tango, Too

A woman sitting in front of a bookcase Cinema studies professor Kathleen Karlyn has a passion for tango.

Visualize This


A bubble chart

Explore data visualizations that reveal patterns never seen before.

The Chemists' Formula

A man experimenting with a bottle

A biochemist and two chemistry alums apply their science to the art of homebrew and winemaking.

"Loved for Their Music"

A woman dancing in the streets with othersWhile reviled as a people, the Roma of Eastern Europe are revered for their music.

Forced to Flee

A man in a sweaterAnthropologist Stephen Wooten was an eyewitness to a recent coup d'etat in Mali.

High-Performance Hub

The outside of a new buildingThe new Lewis Integrative Science Building sets the stage for a new era of UO research.


A man in a laboratoryMore than 400 awards were bestowed on College faculty, staff and students in 2011-12.