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Thousands Flock to the Rock

A man rests near a memorial site

As many as 3,000 people visited "Pre's Rock" during the Olympic Trials last summer, according to Professor Daniel Wojcik, director of the UO Folklore Studies Program.


The Message in the Medium

This fall, students will have a chance to explore diverse aspects of the human (or inhuman) condition via a variety of Humanities classes that use film or theater as a point of departure.

Schizophrenia and the Fate of the Self

A book entitled "Schizophrenia and the fate of the self"Advances in medical technology and many large-scale, longitudinal studies have built a convincing case that a host of genetic, biochemical and environmental factors bring about schizophrenia.

Foreign Language by the Numbers

The College of Arts and Sciences offers 20 foreign languages regularly through the second year (and beyond).

New Center Offers Certificate in Intercultural Dialogue

A man in a suit and tie

This fall, Steven Shankman will assume the directorship of the new UO Center for Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue.

Beyond Le Textbook

When studying another language, the next best thing to being immersed in the culture is to be immersed in its media.


Online Extras

Slanguage Arts

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Check out the complete UO Slang Dictionary.

Real Research, Real People

A video iconLearn about ongoing research in human physiology.

Immigration in Oregon

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Read the full report on the state's immigration history.


Pre's Rock Pilgrimage

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Watch videos of visitors to the runner's roadside shrine.

Memoir Roundtable

audio_icon.gifListen to CAS literary thinkers debate the pitfalls of memoir.

Daily Life in a Nairobi Slum

photo_icon.gifWatch and listen to a slideshow of photos by children in Kenya.

Will Nano be Green?

btn_video_color_fixed.gifWatch a video of chemistry professor Jim Hutchinson.