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The Doctor Is In

A poster of the inside of the human body

How did a tiny department on
the verge of extinction take a
180-degree turn and start attracting
nationwide attention?

sidebar: Out of the Clinic, Into the Classroom


The Boundaries of Memoir

A man and woman speak into microphonesFormer UO student Peggy Seltzer recently joined the ranks of notorious writers who have faked the facts to sell a "memoir." But where exactly is the line between fact and fiction?

Why Bother Going Green?

A chart on the world's carbon emissions

We ask a faculty expert: what difference can it make to "go green" -- to drive less, buy local, change light bulbs, etc. -- when China is now the leading producer of carbon emissions?

Meet the New Dean

A man in a suit and tieScott Coltrane, the new Dean of Arts and Sciences, arrived last June from UC Riverside. In this Q&A, he shares
his early observations and aspiratio

About Cascade


"Slanguage" arts, calculating worms, SAIL program inspires kids and more...

Natural Sciences

Paul Slovic's risky business, green nanotechnology, your brain on meditation and more ...

Social Sciences

Atlas of Yellowstone, photos from Kenya, political science alum elected Portland mayor and more ...


Pre's Rock pilgrimages, foreign languages by the numbers, teaching beyond "le textbook" and more ...

CAS Alumni

This year's ALUMNI FELLOWS for the College of Arts and Sciences are arctic explorer ANN BANCROFT, financial executive DAVE PETRONE and tableware designer ROSANNA BOWLES.

Giving to CAS

Big gifts get the headlines, but gifts under $500 are the lifeblood of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Online Extras

Slanguage Arts

A comment icon

Check out the complete UO Slang Dictionary.

Real Research, Real People

A video iconLearn about ongoing research in human physiology.

Immigration in Oregon

A comment icon

Read the full report on the state's immigration history.


Pre's Rock Pilgrimage

A video icon

Watch videos of visitors to the runner's roadside shrine.

Memoir Roundtable

Audio icon

Listen to CAS literary thinkers debate the pitfalls of memoir.

Daily Life in a Nairobi Slum

A photo icon

Watch and listen to a slideshow of photos by children in Kenya.

Will Nano be Green?

A video icon

Watch a video of chemistry professor Jim Hutchinson.