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The End Of The World As We Know It (Again)

A Mayan templeWhen the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, the world supposedly ends, too. UO folklorist Daniel Wojcik views this as the latest in the age-old tradition of doomsday traditions that cross cultures, religions and time.

Mapping Their Future

A map of the western United States

Two recent master's recipients are taking lessons learned in the UO InfoGraphics Lag and are now pushing the boundaries of data visualization.

Paper or Plastic? The Answer Might Surprise You

Vegetables in a plastic bag

Chemistry professor David Tyler looks at "life-cycle assessments" of consumer options to explore what's truly green and what's not.

Dean's Page

A man in suit and tie

It’s especially crucial that we get the leadership mix right, as this fall the UO has exceeded an enrollment of 25,000 students for the first time.

About Cascade

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Natural Sciences

A woman placing a brain cap on a young girlCode cracking, battlefield interventions, estuary model and more...

Social Sciences

A marijuana plantMedical marijuana, South Asia studies, liquid natural gas and more...


A man and woman in costumePortuguese, revolutionary recipes, cross-cultural theater and more...

CAS Alumni

A womanFour political science majors have staked out careers at the vanguard of high tech.

Online Extras

Tango, Too

A woman sitting in front of a bookcase Cinema studies professor Kathleen Karlyn has a passion for tango.

Visualize This


A bubble chart

Explore data visualizations that reveal patterns never seen before.

The Chemists' Formula

A man experimenting with a bottle

A biochemist and two chemistry alums apply their science to the art of homebrew and winemaking.

"Loved for Their Music"

A woman dancing in the streets with othersWhile reviled as a people, the Roma of Eastern Europe are revered for their music.

Forced to Flee

A man in a sweaterAnthropologist Stephen Wooten was an eyewitness to a recent coup d'etat in Mali.

High-Performance Hub

The outside of a new buildingThe new Lewis Integrative Science Building sets the stage for a new era of UO research.


A man in a laboratoryMore than 400 awards were bestowed on College faculty, staff and students in 2011-12.