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The Geometry of Geography

A map folded geometrically into a circleGeography has moved far beyond the stereotypical place-name memorization (name that capital). Today, geography is all about context: a multifaceted examination of the meaning of place.

How the Zebra Fish Earned Its Stripes

A Zebra fishThirty years ago, George Streisinger made a splash with a paper describing the first-ever large-scale production of vertebrate clones. And thus began the UO zebra fish dynasty.   


Why Study Ancient Languages?

A story depicted on an ancient Greek urnWhy should time and effort be expended in the study of “dead” languages? Our experts — Malcolm Wilson, Mary Jaeger and Deborah Green — discuss the many rewards of reading ancient texts in the original.

Dean's Page

A man in suit and tie

What accounts for the UO's record enrollment of 23,000? I know I am biased, but I attribute our popularity to an unwavering commitment to a strong liberal arts education.

About Cascade

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Natural Sciences

KlaweCropped.jpgPhoton fast lane, science literacy, Kindle-ing reading skills and more...

Social Sciences

A crowd in BangladeshRole-playing games, civil rights series, where will all the people go? And more...


A portrait of a historical figureBollywood, digital Petrarch, teaching Russian through theater and more...

CAS Alumni

Blue sky with white cloudsWith the revival of the general social sciences major, we profile GSS alumni from decades past. 

Online Extras

Majors on the March

A graduate wearing a cap with a tassleThe College of Arts and Sciences stepped out for the  “Celebrating Champions” parade.

Beyond Zebra Fish Fame

A man near miscroscopesGet a glimpse into George Streisinger's fascinating personal story in an excerpt from a book by his widow, Lotte.

There's A Class For That

The green Android iconA new course will provide UO students with mobile smart phones and a mission: to build smart-phone apps.

Jackson Pollock Curse

A manRichard Taylor can finally tell the tale: how his research with fractals drew him into a world of international art intrigue.

Martin Luther King Jr. Awards

A manTwo CAS faculty members have been honored with the 2011 UO MLK Award.

Petrarch Madrigal

A painting of a historical figurePetrarch is not only going digital at the UO, but musical as well.