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Natural Sciences

Exploring the Dimensions of Visual Crowding

Young man placing brain cap on young womanNeuroscience laboratory entrusts undergraduate with brain-wave experiments.

Going Way Beyond the Textbook

Young man wearing white lab coat in science laboratoryChemistry student one of only fifty-two in the nation to receive $19,000 research award.

Poking Holes in the Cloud

Young man and young woman in computer science laboratoryStealthy students find weaknesses in virtual computing security.

Measuring the Sixth Sense

A young woman with an iPod touch

An undergraduate field-tests an iPod Touch app as a proprioceptive tool.

Got the Right Stuff?

Two men in a laboratory with lasersFind out, in the Advanced Projects Laboratory.

Intensive Summer Program Goes Deep with Life Sciences

A young woman looking into a microscopeSPUR provides fellowships for more than twenty undergrads from the UO and other institutions to engage in intensive daily research.

Biology Matches Students with Faculty Mentors, Labs

A swimming fishTo foster the best possible undergraduate research experience, biology has created a systematic approach to placing students in the right labs.

Online Extras

Bee Conservative

A Honeybee pollinating a flowerRead the pollination study and habitat recommendations from the Sustainable Farms team.

Latino Roots

A man and woman in front of a wooden cross atop a mountainWatch student documentaries that trace the path of migration from Latin America to Oregon.

Funding for Student Research

Red laser lights on a black backgroundStudents can apply for fellowships and scholarships (including a full-tuition waiver) to support their work.

Economic Impact

An economics bar graphFrom federal forest payments to the benefits of reading readiness, econ honors projects get real.

Summer Program Leads to Big Award

A young woman SPUR student receives prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute Award.