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Consider the Humble Bumblebee

Bombus californicus 2001-05 on Carex densa Willow Creek LANE.jpgWhich bee is better at pollinating blueberries? The Sustainable Farms team discovered the answer—and so much more. 

By the Numbers

Thumbnail image for A number.pngNearly 800 students took research or thesis credits in the College of Arts and Sciences last year.

For Undergraduates Only

OUR Journal .jpgThe OUR Journal gives students a chance to publish research papers, and exercise skills far beyond the paper itself.

Life Lessons: Preparing for Uncertainty

Why should undergraduates consider a research experience? Because it prepares them to go out into the real world as effective problem-solvers.

Dean's Page


There's no better way to teach students to question critically, think logically, communicate clearly, act creatively and live ethically.

About Cascade

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Natural Sciences

A young woman holding an iPod touchScientists welcome undergraduates into their world.

Social Sciences

Two young boys wearing matching sports capsFrom the City of Springfield to the Arctic Circle, student projects span the globe.


A man's face on a postage stampResearch in the humanities ranges from linguistics to the literary.

Guest Editorial

A woman wearing a cap and gown, standing at a podiumA recent graduate tackles the biggest question in research.

Online Extras

Bee Conservative

A Honeybee pollinating a flowerRead the pollination study and habitat recommendations from the Sustainable Farms team.

Latino Roots

A man and woman in front of a wooden cross atop a mountainWatch student documentaries that trace the path of migration from Latin America to Oregon.

Funding for Student Research

Red laser lights on a black backgroundStudents can apply for fellowships and scholarships (including a full-tuition waiver) to support their work.

Economic Impact

An economics bar graphFrom federal forest payments to the benefits of reading readiness, econ honors projects get real.

Summer Program Leads to Big Award

A young woman SPUR student receives prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute Award.