Big Wins for Student Videos

Cinema studies students bring home national awards

An anti-rape video by a cinema studies student has won the first-ever Peabody Award for a viral video. And another cinema studies student (who happens to be double-majoring in physics) has brought home prizes two years running from the Girls Impact the World Festival for her short films. Watch them here!

Samantha Stendal’s 26-second anti-rape video, A Needed Response, has received nearly 7.5 million hits on YouTube—and a Peabody Award. Among their words of praise for the vidoe, the Peabody judges said it makes an “unforgettable, undeniable statement about rape culture.”

Jordyn Roach won her first Girls Impact the World award for her stop-action film “This Is a Girl,” which featured both her Claymation talents and the acting debut of two of her siblings.

This year, her film “Broken Beauty” won the Brave New Beauty Award at the 2014 GITW festival.