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Guardians of Language

A woman in front of a treeStudents at the Native Indian Languages Institute race to preserve endangered languages before they disappear. 

Yakama elder Virginia Beavert (left) is pursuing a PhD in linguistics.

Deer Hides and Databases

A painted image of a person playing instrumentsThe Wired Humanities Projects are digitizing ancient languages for the modern age.

From the War Zone to Fargo

A man and his three children standing near a giant buffalo statueCulture trumps race as refugees from Sudan and Bosnia integrate into a Midwestern town.

A Censor By Any Other Name

A Russian journalist studies subtle media suppression in her homeland.

Where Were You When Mt. St. Helens Blew?

An erupting volcanoAs the 30th anniversary approaches, UO volcanologist Kathy Cashman takes a look back at both the scientific and cultural impact of the May 18, 1980 eruption.

Dean's Page

A man in suit and tieOf the 49 departments and programs within CAS, more than ten are primarily international in scope, and dozens more have an international component.

About Cascade

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Natural Sciences

A subject wearing a brain cap in a laboratory Brain plasticity, enlightening solar research, cracking the gender code and more...

Social Sciences

A tree growing through a building's architectureDads do dishes, Chinese gardens, marriage discrimination and more... 


A globe in a person's palmTrash lit, ecocriticism, ethics for disaster and more...

CAS Alumni

The structure of DNACelebrating scientists who have studied at the Institute of Molecular Biology

Online Extras

Sing Along With A Mt. St. Helens Ballad

A guitarWhen the volcano erupted, a UO professor discovered that local residents consoled themselves through song.

What's Your Story?

An erupting mountainWhere were you on May 18, 1980? Got a Mt. St. Helens tale to tell?

Suspended Animation

Watch Mark Roth's talk on "hibernation on demand" at the recent TED Conference.

Peer Into Alan Alda's Brain

A man in a suit and tieJoin UO neuroscientists as they bring the host of the PBS series, The Human Spark into their brain research lab.

Autism and Animals

TempleGrandinCropped.jpgTemple Grandin, perhaps the world's best known person with autism, drew an overflow crowd to her UO talk.

Once In a Lifetime

A manThat's how Roger Jacob describes his chance to study his tribal language, Sahaptin, with Yakama elder Virginia Beavert.

From Chechnya, With Love

A womanWatch a slideshow about Elena Rodina's journalistic globetrotting, from the Arctic Circle to Cuba.