Where the Jobs Are

What can you do with a degree in geography? Read on ...

Many students majoring in geography at the UO have gone on to infographics-related careers. Here’s a sampling of recent alumni who majored in geography (or majored in geography and another field, as indicated):

  • Sage Limpp-Wagner ’13 (major in geography and German), visual data specialist, contracting for Google Maps
  • Brad Simantel ’12, software engineer, Elemental Technologies
  • Michael Wilburn ’11, ocean basemap cartographer, Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)
  • Steve Bassett ’10, cartographer, The Nature Conservancy
  • Jesse Nett ’10, cartographer, USDA Forest Service
  • Patrick Hammons ’09, specialist, geographic information systems, City of Philadelphia
  • Nicholas Martinelli ’06, software developer and cartographer, TerraSeer
  • Craig Greene ’02, cartographer and product owner, ESRI
  • Erik Strandhagen ’02, senior scientist, Integral Consulting
  • Erin Aigner ’99 (major in geography and environmentalstudies), former graphics editor, The New York Times; current content strategist, Second Story

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