Where Are They Now?

From acupuncturist to shoe design, human phys grads have many options

Here’s a sampling of jobs landed by recent human physiology graduates:

  • Jenna Bucher ’13, clinical research assistant, Knight Cancer Institute
  • Alex Crane ’13, emergency medical technician, Falck international ambulance services
  • Jennifer Mahan ’13, personal care assistant and physical therapy rehabilitation aide, HIV Alliance
  • Laura Cruz ’12, patient relations representative, Providence Medical Group
  • Sarah Teckman ’12, research assistant, Gatorade Sports Science Institute
  • Matthew Hadeed ’10, pursuing medical degree at Western University of Health Sciences
  • Megan Swift ’10, doctor of physical therapy, Therapeutic Associates Mid-Valley Physical Therapy
  • Anthony Cutting ’09, chiropractor, owner and operator, Active Chiropractic
  • Jesse Liberty ’09, acupuncturist, Well Balanced
  • Torie Barnard ’08, program director, Manna Project International
  • Brent Jones ’08, clinical study manager, Takeda Pharmaceuticals International Company
  • Matt Vu ’08, footwear graphic designer for Jordan brand, Nike

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