What Can You Do with an English Degree?

Ducks with English degrees do everything from digital marketing to banking

Here are examples of the career directions several recent English alums have taken:

  • Melissa McGlensey ’13, fellow, The Huffington Post
  • Brian Tompkins ’12, personal banker and loan officer, US Bank
  • Brianna Brey ’11, arts, culture and music editor, Source Weekly
  • Benjamin Unger ’11, elected state representative, Oregon
  • Alyssa Waldman-Roberts Dodds ’09, English teacher, Springfield High School
  • Zac Bond ’08, digital marketing analyst, Lunar Logic
  • Elizabeth Olsen ’08, vice president, marketing and communications, Ferguson Wellman Capital Management
  • Joshua Suman ’08, media coordinator and site coach, Jubilee REACH (Relationship, Education, Assistance, Community and Hospitality)

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