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Social Sciences

New Atlas to Showcase Yellowstone

Following on the phenomenal success of the Atlas of Oregon, published in 2001, the Department of Geography has launched an ambitious project to produce a one-of-a-kind atlas that captures the extraordinary story of Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park and the surrounding region.

The Why and How of Race and Politics

A book entitled, "From the New Deal to the New Right"In an election year where the topic of race is front and center, Joseph Lowndes, assistant professor of political science, has come out with a new book that examines the role of race in shaping contemporary politics.

Kenya Through the Eyes of Its Children

A child waiting in line with others for relief aid

A child in Kenya looked upon this scene of people standing in line to receive aid, lifted a disposable camera to his eye and clicked.

The Politics of the Body

When Courtney Smith described breast implants to Senegalese people, they were horrified and called it disgusting, unnatural and "against God." 

UO Immigration Report Reveals Oregon's Challenges

A map of the world with arrows pointing to OregonBeing an immigrant in Oregon has historically been more challenging than in other states and Oregon continues to present unique problems for migrants, a new UO study shows.

Political Science Alum Elected Mayor of Portland

In January 2009, Portland, Ore. will become the largest U.S. city to swear in an openly gay mayor.

Larry Singell Named New Associate Dean

Economics Professor Larry Singell has been named Associate Dean of Social Sciences for CAS.

Online Extras

Slanguage Arts

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Check out the complete UO Slang Dictionary.

Real Research, Real People

A video iconLearn about ongoing research in human physiology.

Immigration in Oregon

comment_icon.gifRead the full report on the state's immigration history. 

Pre's Rock Pilgrimage

btn_video_color_fixed.gifWatch videos of visitors to the runner's roadside shrine.

Memoir Roundtable

audio_icon.gifListen to CAS literary thinkers debate the pitfalls of memoir.

Daily Life in a Nairobi Slum

photo_icon.gifWatch and listen to a slideshow of photos by children in Kenya.

Will Nano be Green?

btn_video_color_fixed.gifWatch a video of chemistry professor Jim Hutchinson.